We are brokers of ideas and sponsors of growth. 

We are legal, business and tax advisors with a focus on the entertainment industry, creative enterprises and innovative companies. We have extensive experience in the structuring of tax incentives and in the placement and financing of film, R&D and tourism tax credits. 


We strive for a Puerto Rico brimming with creative and innovative talent, resources and incentives directed at the creation, growth and exportation of profitable and impactful projects and enterprises. Our comprehensive, sensible, multidisciplinary and integrated approach advances the dreams and goals of creators and innovators. 


Our founder, Antonio J. Sifre, a business and transactional attorney with more than 25 years of experience, is internationally recognized as one of Puerto Rico's leading entertainment, business and tax credit attorneys. Our experienced multidisciplinary group of attorneys, CPAs, film and music creatives and producers, and corporate finance consultants is passionate about maximizing the opportunities that Puerto Rico offers to entertainment, creative and innovative enterprises and their investors.