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Executive Assistant | Social Media Manager

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Jessica Fernández is the Executive Assistant at The Sifre Group. Jessica provides support with administrative, marketing, research, and paralegal matters. Before joining The Sifre Group, she worked as an Administrative Assistant and Social Media Manager for a sports and music agency. Her skill sets include creating content campaigns and graphic designs (including album cover artwork and web design), video editing, and copywriting.

Jessica Audiovisual Communication with a second major in Advertising and Public Relations. She has also worked as Production Assistant and actor for different student and local short films. Her most recent short film was featured in many film festivals, including the 2019 “Lusca Fantastic Film Festival” where the short received two awards for Best Local Short Audience and Best Local Special Effects. She is a fiction writer, and a singer and songwriter under the artistic name “Jess the Singing Alien.” 

Jessica Fernandez
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