Office Field Trips: Muuaaa Mingle

A few days ago, we had a very productive evening at our second Muuaaa Mingle. Muuaaa Design is a branding and design studio with a very innovative approach to Marketing. Celina and Miguel, founders of the enterprise, are very involved in their client's brand creation and implementation; in fact, they are responsible for our very own branding. The agency's reputation goes beyond our Island, and they were chosen to represent Puerto Rico at the London Design Biennale. We are very excited for this and are certain that they will excel.

As a strategy to offer more than just your traditional branding services, the Muuaaa Mingles serves as a platform to introduce clients to new and trending concepts in design and marketing. The event also serves as a networking platform that offers the opportunity to meet some amazingly hard-working and forward-thinking individuals from a wide spectrum of industries.

This particular Mingle’s theme was Brand Trends of 2018. First up was Muuaaa’s very own Adriana Ruiz. Adriana talked about all things Marketing, focusing on four key aspects that one should have in mind when developing a marketing strategy. We will talk all about this in our next blog, so stay tuned.

The Second speaker of the evening was Carlos Avilés, from Avilés Auto. Mr. Avilés gave a very interesting chat on how to develop your personal brand to gain your consumer's trust, based on his experiences in the last couple of years as he built his own used-cars enterprise. The highlight of his chat was definitely the amazing Vlogs he has created and promoted over social media, that feature his day-to-day life, from administering payroll to visiting the biggest Lamborghini distributors in the world. You can head over to his Facebook Page (linked below) to see what we are talking about.

The evening ended with a great networking session.

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