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The Future is IP

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This past year has proven that most of our work, projects, and even relationships, can be developed in a digital space. Digital and intellectual labor is on the rise, while traditional manual labor is constantly being simplified and even automated.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, interactive storytelling, esports, and online trading are just a few of the trends that are already shaping the way our society spends its time and money. Dating apps, delivery apps, and telemedicine are also examples of habits we are “upgrading” for a more convenient experience. Many now make a living out of content creation: streaming video games, reacting to other people’s content, all sorts of tutorials, and even short dancing videos. And as younger generations have more access to information and technology, they become more skilled in specialized talents at an earlier age.

If these trends continue, we shall be facing a world where survival of the “fittest” shall no longer refer to strength, but rather to intelligence. This means intellectual property is, and shall continue to be, one of the most valuable assets we as human beings can create, protect, use, and commercialize.

So let’s focus on the future and think: how can you use your intellect to make (y)our future better?

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